[Video] What Futures for Metaverses?
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[Video] What Futures for Metaverses?

Advantages, risks and international regulations of virtual worlds

In this video, Margherita PAGANI, Director of SKEMA Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Associate Dean of SKEMA AI School for Business and Full Professor in Digital and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, and Claude REVEL, Director of SKEMA Publika, discuss metaverses and answer a number of questions :  What is the future of metaverses? Do they need to be regulated? If yes, at which level of intervention? Should there be international standards, professional standards? Who should dictate them? Do States need to intervene, or should they let companies voluntarily self-regulate?

Margherita PAGANI was recently appointed as an Advisor to the European Economic and Social Committee, notably as part of a working group on virtual worlds such as metaverses. The group worked on a first Opinion that was adopted by the European Economic and Social Committee in April 2023 and approved by the European Commission. The group is now working on a second Opinion to further this topic that will be presented to the European Commission in December 2023.

Chapters :

  • Virtual worlds and metaverses: definitions and main players – 01:48
  • Do metaverse technologies have a future? – 04:50
  • What are the advantages for companies to adopt these technologies and for individuals/customers to use them? – 07:32
  • What are the risks or issues associated with the metaverse? – 12:34
  • European Union regulations and vision – 16:18