[Video] The Geopolitical Economy of Sport : Power, Politics, Money and the State
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[Video] The Geopolitical Economy of Sport : Power, Politics, Money and the State

Frederic Munier, Director of the School of Geopolitics for Business and Simon Chadwick, Professor of Sport and Geopolitical Economy at SKEMA Business School discuss Prof. Chadwick’s new book : The Geopolitical Economy of Sport: Power, Politics, Money and the State, which gathers 44 contributors from around the world.

With this book, Simon Chadwick aims to define and explore the geopolitical economy of sport, focusing on States and their relation to elite sport. Recent events have shown how politics and sport are intertwined, with controversies around the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar or Russia’s participation in global sports after the invasion of Ukraine. Through 34 essays, the book covers different geographies: Russia and Ukraine, China, the Gulf, South Asia, the MENA region, Europe, etc., different elite sports: football of course, but also motorsport, basketball, cricket, Olympics and Paralympics Games, and broader topics such as peace and diplomacy, soft power, business, environmental and societal implications of elite sport.


  • 2min35 : Why talk about the Geopolitical Economy of Sport ?
  • 9min23 : Why are “illiberal” countries so fond of sport?
  • 16min51 : Can sport be a tool for peace?
  • 25min55 : Could sport and sporting events contribute to address the challenges raised by climate change?