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Could the war in Ukraine escalate out of control?

The devastating conflict raging in Ukraine since 24 February has turned into an all-out war in this country and is prompting an unexpected and risky geopolitical reshuffle of the European continent. This is because the agenda and interests of the European Union are perhaps not shared by NATO and the United States. Maintaining a strong stance against Moscow is necessary, but with the aim of negotiating to establish a lasting peace guaranteeing the stability of Europe.

[Video] UKRAINE, Meeting of Minds: Geopolitical and Economic Consequences of the War

In this video, Frédéric Munier, professor of geopolitics, and Laurent Ferrara, professor of international economics at SKEMA Business School, share their analysis of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which began on 24 February 2022. This discussion, at the crossroads of geopolitics and economics offers a new perspective on this deadly war. What events led Russia to invade Ukraine? What are the economic consequences for the European continent, which is experiencing its first war since the beginning of the 21st century? How will the conflict unfold? What can we expect in the coming months or years? These are the main questions guiding this discussion.

UKRAINE: the Economic Fallout of the War

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces since 24 February 2022 has brought a human and humanitarian disaster, having already caused several thousand deaths and pushed millions of refugees on the road to exile. While the economic consequences of this war on European soil appear to be of secondary concern right now, this article nevertheless seeks to identify some of the possible short-term effects, based on the academic literature currently available.