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[Event] What influence do consulting firms have on public policy?

‘Deep state’ or fantasy? Described as a ‘tentacular phenomenon’ by the Sénat investigation committee, the influence of private consultancies on the elaboration of public policy led France's upper house to adopt a bill aimed at increasing supervision over the Government's use of such firms. Fifteen months then passed before the bill was presented to the National Assembly, where the text was largely reworked. The amended version of the bill was sent back to the Sénat for a second reading, raising fears that the discussions will stall and signalling a potential lack of political will to do without consultants in the public sector. Concomitantly, the French government has announced the creation of an internal public consulting agency. Will this be enough to remedy the problems identified by the investigation committee and prevent further risks of abuse highlighted by journalists and essayists?

How Can Public Authorities Use Big Data to Serve the General Interest?

States need timely, accurate, and granular data about their population to carry out effective policies. Big data can provide alternative and complementary sources of information to facilitate policymaking and foster economic development. While big data offer great opportunities, it also generates large technical, ethical and political challenges, which need to be confronted head-on by States within a new social contract.